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  1. Why I left the Mormon church
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The trick is understanding where our efforts will make the most positive impact. To find out how those things are decided, come to Elders meetings and Deacon meetings and be prepared to listen. No need to post this, it is a note between you and me. In Christ, Peter. The focus would be on humble loving service to one another who profess him, mentoring of fellow christians — in any age, socio-economic status, race, education level, etc. This lack also extends to any others who choose to abandon the facade of perfection to openly admit their uncertainties, questions, hurts, habits, past harms or hang ups.

Keep speaking them anyway.

Why I left the Mormon church

When I saw the title, I was terrified and saddened. As I read, I realized why. My church, although I am literally the only millennial, has a very inclusive atmosphere. My church does sometimes only see me as a worker, but they do value me. They made head of our youth program, although I am not formally trained. They also let me teach adult Bible study. I really enjoyed your article and will use it to help reach others!

So, thank you for illuminating this topic for me.

Complication 1: Pastors Who Won’t Let Go

Maybe now, I can helped reach more people my age! Sam, There were a few things about what you said that I must admit were true and somethings I would even consider implementing should I ever one day plant a church. However, as a millennial of 20 years old, I cannot help but feel you missed the mark.

I will acknowledge with you that something is terribly wrong and the Church could drastically change, but deinstitutionalizing the Church is the opposite direction of what I feel to be the solution. The Church needs to be THE institution. But if you have not read their writing I pray that you would. You would discover that the issue has nothing to do with institutions and everything today with the hearts of men. You act as if the religion of our elders is fruitless and outdated, but I wager it is rather our corrupt hearts as sinful mankind causing the issue. Legalism is antichrist, but prudence is a virtue.

The Westminster Shorter Catechism says that the Word of God is the rule that God gave to men to know how they might glorify him. Despite your distaste for statements of faith, they have served the church so well in keeping them unified. They actually help keep us attached to the Word of God rather than disrupt us. All of your issues with the church will be solved with the sanctification of our hearts, the way forward is backward. And before you claim I was brainwashed by my parents, I did not grow up in church, and I was raised by a man who at one point wanted to be a woman.

It is by the grace of God alone that I come to where I am now. You are certainly a good writer, and I pray that both of our hearts would be better sanctified in order that we may worship and serve God in the way he intended. I think a lot of these are valid points that Christians everywhere would do well to consider; 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 10 were all things I would, at least in part, agree with.

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However, I would also say that we need to be careful in what areas we ask the church to change in, and why we are asking it to change. First and foremost, the reason the church exists is for the glorification of God. For that matter, the reason WE exist is for the glorification of God. The clear answer here is that God alone has that right. It is for this reason that I agreed with some of your points- they were pointing out areas in which the church was deficient in accomplishing what God wants it to accomplish in the ways in which He wants it accomplished which we know from His word.

That has come over a period of time through spending quiet time in prayer, meditation, and in His Word. All my expectations are met through this supernatural connection. If your focus is on the church rather than on getting to know God intimately then you will forever be dissatisfied. If you have that deep connection with God you will understand. Hey Sam, Bravo! Great article and well said. We had 10 girls sleep over on a Saturday night. Their parents picked them up Sunday late-morning, right in the middle of church time.

All of the girls and their families would call themselves Christians, but none of them were in church. I wondered at all the good Christian families that are no longer attending church. I perceive their priorities to not be Christ-like at all — you mention this in 2. Christians seem to be involved in politics not to promote Christ, but to preserve and increase their cultural and political power. I am encouraged to see you speaking out. It gives me a tiny bit of hope that there are still some on the inside that are trying to effect revolutionary change.

Good luck!

Get “Dangerous”

Hey Sam, could you please tell me where I can find the research your article is based on? I can understand your frustration with the church, the organized church; however, church is so much more than organized religion.

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  4. I opted out for a time. Many saw all structure, not only church, as being undesirable and obsolete. I appreciate your critical thinking and hope that you will be challenged to implement meaningful changes from within even when they sometimes seem to be much too slow in coming. I have read many of these target articles and while I find your points spot on and accurate, my opinion is that you and the others are missing the most important point that was what forced me millennial and my friends to leave the Church and Christianity.

    My opinion is everyone knows it but is too afraid to say it. Information Access. Millennials are firmly in the Wikipedia generation.

    My Top 10 Church Planting Tips | CT Pastors | Christianity Today

    I can fact check at home. I can fact check at work. I can fact check on my phone during the service. So many of the fundamental tenets of Christianity are outright false or at best case highly suspect that I can no longer preach as I used too, or even call myself a member of the movement. While this process of leaving was not fun at all and caused huge tension in my family and with my wife, I have no regrets to finally getting myself out. And once you are out, it is really hard to picture going back. Because I think the underlying premise of the movement is flawed.

    That is why there is such disunity within the community of believers. Because the foundation is not sound. None of those things, and not if all of your points were executed perfectly, would get me through the doors again. These are my thoughts.

    Seven ways to be insufferable on Facebook

    Just had to get them out because whenever I tried in the past within the church your point 1 was exercised or I was told I was violating or hindering point 2. Hey Sam! First, I agree with a LOT of the things you have said in this post. I too am a millennial who has volunteered countless hours to serving children, teens, young adults, and poor in my church and community and as such I feel like I can speak to some things as well. I understand why you used it the way you did but I think those of us who are truly American in every historic and still revolutionary sense of the word would like to protect it and revive its strong, gritty, and heroic definition.

    Help us do that and choose another word! Those who are still here, and lazy Christians; are lazy in every other area of their lives as well. Let us get some stick-ability, some innovation, build strong character and enact change on the platform of young men and women who are leaders, hard workers, lovers of God and men, and disciples of Christ! Amazingly profound my friend.

    Much like the racial divide there has always been a generational gap. Take it from my sad experience, blaming the church is not the answer. We must look to our own heart and determine if we are on the path God has for us.

    Reward Yourself

    He tells us if we will only draw close to Him, He will draw close to us. When we do that, we are listening to his direction, not the churches. I blamed and complained and grew weary of the church until I was so frustrated I quit going.. But God did awaken me in that time of how important His church is. Remember, the church is His body, His bride.

    9 Sobering Church Attendance Statistics - Pro Church Daily Ep. #132

    Look to Him my friend for guidance. He has used many young people to further His gospel. He loves you, I love you my brother. Draw close to Him and listen. Since I live rurally where there are limited churches available, I am now indebted to the Internet and all the resources it provides. We all unfortunately value our positions of power, as we perceive it.

    We all tend to identify with groups and call names, be it baby-boomers, church-goers, millennials or whatever. Jesus never talked about people as belonging to groups, with the exception of the Pharisees and Sadducees, for obvious reasons. You already have a feel for the underprivileged, and the needs of young people.