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Download Hora Santa Dedicada A Maria Valtorta (spanish Edition) PDF, ePub, Mobi Book"

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La Anunciación - María Valtorta, Mística

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El poema del hombre Dios

Full Specifications What's new in version 2. ITunes account required. Download Information File Size 3. In this context, the European Union Committee on Public Health has declared it essential that preventative measures are taken by centres providing care for women with a multidisciplinary approach.

PROGEA is a multicentre, single-blind randomized, 3-year, longitudinal clinical trial aiming to evaluate the efficacy of a psychoeducational programme in preventing postpartum depression in at-risk women, based on a range of clinical variables, and explore prognostic factors. This paper describes the methods and rationale behind the study. Methods We will study women receiving treatment as usual plus a psychoeducation cognitive behavioural therapy CBT -based intervention and a control group receiving only treatment as usual.

The sample will be recruited from an incidental sampling of pregnant women in two health regions. We will recruit women in the third trimester of pregnancy who consent to take part in the study.

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Almost half of the women, about , would be expected to have some risk factors for postpartum depression. All those found to have risk factors will be evaluated, and we estimate that a quarter will be classified as at-risk of developing postpartum depression as measured with the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale. This subset will be randomly allocated to receive treatment as usual with or without the CBT intervention. Six sessions of CBT 1 individual and 5 group will be offered by a psychologist.

Treatment of major depression is an objective of the European Union and in recent years the World Health Organization WHO has identified improving maternal mental health as a fundamental part of the Millennium Development Goals [ ]. Today, peripartum depression as defined in DSM-V [ ] is attracting greater attention from clinicians and researchers, as a condition that affects not only the mother, but also the health and development of the child health [,, ]; for these reasons, its prevention is particularly important [ ].

The most frequent psychopathological disorders in women during pregnancy and the puerperium are depression, stress and anxiety [ ]. The risk factors for developing PPD include biological variables such as hormonal changes that women experience during pregnancy and after delivery; these are necessary to ensure their health during this period and are part of preparing the body for both childbirth and breastfeeding, but can cause depression in a subgroup of vulnerable women [ ].

In addition to biological factors, there are psychosocial factors, among which we should highlight a personal or family history of depression or PPD and having experienced mood depression or anxiety during pregnancy [ ]. Progea is one of the leading companies in software technology for visualization, remote control, data acquisition. Movicon Other risk factors described include: personal vulnerability of women [ ], the temperament of the child [ ], poor family and social support during the postpartum period [, ], relationship problems during pregnancy [, ], traumatic experiences in previous pregnancies [ ] or low socioeconomic status [ ].

Psychological therapy for depression has shown to be an effective treatment in depressed patients of all ages and all degrees of severity, including PPD [ ]. Given the consequences of the disease, another strategy would be to administer preventive treatment with a lasting effect that could protect women against developing this type of depression.

The aim of this study was to identify women at risk of PPD using a protocol [ ], investigate the efficacy of a structured programme of psychoeducational therapy designed ad hoc in preventing the development of PPD in at-risk women and explore prognostic factors for this type of depression. We registered this single-blind randomized clinical trial in identifier NCT Women will be recruited in the third trimester of pregnancy from to the completion of the study.

Women that agree to participate and sign the informed consent form will then be assessed through a first screening visit by their reference midwife; specifically, the midwife will record sociodemographic data and the presence of various previously described risk factors, including the personality vulnerability of the woman and her socioeconomic status.

Hymns of Paradise [Himnos del paraiso] XV, p. Vossio, S. De veritate, q.