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But what happens when we feel threatened by trying to close? Is that fear real?

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How do we retrain our brain to recognize real fears from false fears? Having that emotional awareness can make you a better salesperson. Jay Baer talked about the first two talk triggers - generosity and speed. By accessing these triggers in clients you start turning them into your marketing department. Word of mouth from your clients makes the job of sales so much easier because, people have already heard such great news about either you the sales professional or your product or both.

Jay Baer talks with Jeff about how word of mouth can get you more sales. Neither does DoubleTree hotels.

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So, what are they doing for their customers, that causes their customers to be the marketers of their product? How can you, as a sales professional, leverage the word of mouth from your customers to generate more sales? Dina Dwyer-Owens, the ambassador for Neighborly, talks with Jeff about how values plays a role in sales. Sales can only be made when someone trusts you and believes that what you have to offer has value to them. That means your customer must believe that you have integrity.

Find out in this episode. Christine Comaford discusses with Jeff the neurology and psychology behind how your customer connects with you. Sales professionals can forget that their customers are just like them. When we remember how we want to be served, we can serve our customers better. Purchases are an emotional decision. Clothes might make us feel better looking.

When you do, the sale can roll right out in front of you. Jeff discusses the challenges of being a sales leader and gets our guests to share their advice for being the best sales leader you can be. Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors and yet, the most popular flavors of ice cream are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Only the buyer can determine if something is of value to them. Both sell. So, is the objection - The Price is Too High - really an objection?

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In this episode, Jeff explains how to decode the meaning behind this objection and how you can handle it with ease. Andrew Tarvin, author of Humor that Works, laughs with Jeff through this examination of humor in the workplace and the place of humor in sales. Everyone has a sense of humor, some more quirky than others, but everyone laughs.

Connecting into that characteristic can have a positive effect on your relationship building skills. Cal Newport, the author of Digital Minimalism and Deep Work , talks with Jeff about the problem we all face - distraction. Our job as sales professionals is to work hard, using our brains to solve the problems of our customers. Cal and Jeff talk about the importance of having focus time and the benefits for you and your customer. We wish we could have fit all our guests into this podcast. What memories, as a sales professional, will you give your customer that makes their experience unique?

It takes a creative sales person to make the experience stand out. That seems like some great sales advice that could be used by any sales professional. Colleen Kirk and Jeff get into the topic of psychological ownership. When does your customer own something? Is it when you close the sale? Would you believe that they might own it before they talk with you?

Often times people fall in love with a product and just the act of touching it gives them a feeling of ownership. Be careful, a salesperson can actually become an obstacle to psychological ownership. Buying is an emotional process, which is then triggers the brain to craft a logical story to support the emotional response to a purchase decision. When a customer is feeling an emotion, it is the worst time to remind them of your product's features.

As a sales professionals, we serve our customers best by embracing their emotions and avoid dragging them into a logical discussion. In this episode, Jeff reminds us to keep the emotional altitude high in order to win the sale. Nir Eyal, author of Hooked, discusses with Jeff what great companies do to get people addicted to their product. What is amazing, is that any sales professional can do these same things.

All we want to do is make it easy for our customer to do what they want to do anyway, make a purchase. Ted Rubin of Photofy and Return on Relationships, talks with Jeff about the importance of relationships. Alice Heiman and Jeff talk about your greatest sales resource your network. A great salesperson thinks like an entrepreneur, networks like crazy, has high achievement drive and must win!

Being connected and helping others connect, creates those opportunities for you to win. How do you make it easier for your customer to do what they want to do anyway - make a purchase? That could be a husband and wife or it could be different level managers in a B2B situation. This situation nothing new to the seasoned sales professional but the solutions might not be what you think.

Theo Tsaousides and Jeff discuss Dr. Self-doubt, procrastination, impatience, multitasking, rigidity, perfectionism, and negativity are issues we all struggle with as sales professionals but also just as human beings. When we carry these blocks into our sales discussions, we are doing a disservice to ourselves and our customers. Molly Jacobs discusses with Jeff the challenges of selling something that is easily commoditized.

This is where the sales professional steps up and makes the difference. Jeff has dealt with snarky customers. Selling to snarky customers is a challenge. What is their problem? Today Jeff explores the emotion behind that snark and what your response should be.

The Buyer's Mind: Sales Training with Jeff Shore -

Being so good at what you do, that you become the standard by which all others are measured. Scott McKain and Jeff talk about giving your customer a sales presentation that stands out. You need to be distinct in your sales approach. But what comes after distinction? Lee Salz joins Jeff to talk about how our customers commoditize us. In his new book Sales Differentiation, Lee shows that our customer is most likely using a matrix to try and find the lowest price. So, what will make you stand out in the sale? As a sales professional. Kelly Riggs, author and speaker, shares his insights with Jeff about the importance of the sales person.

After all if sales really just a matter of having the right information, then the internet would be the only place people buy things. No fuss, no muss. More than the product, the quality of the product, or the solution the product offers your customer? Jeff discusses the motivations of an online prospect. What can this mean for your sales success?

Ask Jeff #47 - Closing: The Most Important Sales Skill

Andy Paul, of the Accelerator podcast, joins Jeff to talk about the simplicity of sales. Jeff explores why your customers might be cynical. Customers cynical? Is that really a surprise?

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Are you suffering from comfort? Talk about discomfort. Extend the relational experience. If things get too complicated in the sales process our buyers find themselves with cognitive strain or brain strain. What are you doing, as a sales professional, to make it easy for your customer to buy? Eric Chester, best selling author and speaker, and Jeff talk about why those motivational posters on your company walls may not be enough.

Company culture affects the sales environment you create for your customer. Are you setting yourself up for success in the sale by creating that customer-centric environment?

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Jeff Shore talks about something we all face as sales professionals - Distinction Bias. When you customer starts comparing what you sell to that of your competitor, you need something that will distinguish you and set you apart. How do you do that?