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Mais comme pour tout, il y a des plus et des moins…. Veux-tu que je te rapporte des produits la Roche Posay?

NYC crazy girl. Salut Linton, Merci beaucoup pour ton message. Je lis chronologiquement ton blog depuis plusieurs semaines soit de longues heures! Et hop, ca nous fait un resto! Moi aussi je ne suis pas mefiante ici, les gens sont honnetes et les vols plutot rares. Mais a Paris je me cramponne a mon sac. Bon week-end. Hi there! Joseph, haha! Pour le moment, que du positif. Le fils de Martin Luther King , donc. The Missouri theatre Centre-ville. Je veux dire … Regardez la taille du truc!

Deux cents. Franchement, que demander de plus? Un visa renouvelable par magie, oui je sais. Et St. Joseph le lendemain. No comment. La camionnette de KCPL! Cutest Halloween picture.

Sartre as Breton describes America as a mysterious country that was less well known than before and a country that was profoundly different from European cities, which despite its fascination, was dangerous and to be wary of. During the war America had established itself as the most militarily powerful nation, and the initial enthusiasm of Western Europeans for their arrival would soon fade after the discovery of their simple and ignorant minds. The United States suffered attacks from Jean-Paul Sartre for being a fragmented society, which Sartre described as having more steel and aluminium than human beings: the most mechanical city in the world where winter is much colder and summer is much hotter.

In America, Sartre was looking for and thought he would find a European city with his feelings, like a mother who saw the inhabitants as her children who had to be sheltered and cared for, but did not find it, since for him the United States did not have the same historical tradition or European nature, which proved disappointing for a European colony.

Sartre found New York terribly foreign. Let us note here that all literature is a collective work because words were not invented by writers because language is a collective creation and hence creates a social bond; cities are also collective creations, as are the landscapes around these cities and the names of the great men and women who mark the places [the genius of the place], and this is done with the hope that the spirit of those men mark the future generations. Many Americans also seem eager to point out their long lost European ancestry while being disconnected from it in terms of values and philosophy, and they seem to be unaware of the social evolution of major European empires such as France.

The Hollywood perspective may be fairly sufficient for an escort agency, a strip bar, to work as ladies of leisure or meet the criteria as sex workers, but apart from these businesses, a society requires more from its citizens, and here organisms with a sense of belonging and responsibility along with the appropriate behavioural and communicative patterns and names that fit the thematic sphere to be in complete synchronisation with the requirements of the society — so physical fitness is not enough but it simply eases the assimilation process especially among the common brains that do not think.

This is simply a factual observation of what is written in the religious texts of Jews. These are scriptures that have shaped the thought of Jewish societies since ancient times, and it is a fact that people should be aware of to understand the leading train of thought of a particular group, it is important to know the facts of the scriptures that shaped them, their values and outlook and why a great deal of their industries bleed civilisations dry of all their humanity.

Jews using their pale skin to spread and hide among the Christian Western European civilisation, have often throughout history had an easier ride, and when they change their names to adopt Christian ones in the process of blending in, it is sometimes hard to differentiate a great amount of them from the native people of the Western European civilisation that was born out of Christian thought and artistry.

The issue with Jews is that although they blend, act, dress and name themselves as the natives of the European nations they move to, they always clearly classify themselves as Jews, and focus on the betterment of other Jews, and work systematically together in business to further the interests of Jews, and even have worldwide conventions among Jews, and parade the achievements of Jews with pride.

If we notice all foreign groups do this, except Western Christians who seem to prefer killing each other and live a life of selfish hedonism. Yet, what these foreign groups do is not assimilation, but simply blending and integrating to systematically dominate a society or system, and Jews have been known to methodically and skilfully do this in many European countries throughout history, along with violent religious sacrifices to their blood thirsty gods that involve the sacrifice of Christian children, which they have done over the years throughout European history, with many mutilated corpses of young Christian children found across Europe drained of all their blood.

This is why the Jews are the only group who throughout human history has been persecuted and banned from so many countries. Yes, many people do not know these facts since most people are without any choice but to take their information from Jewish owned mainstream media industries, so learn something new here! The Hitler regime was not the first regime to ban and persecute the Jews, the Jews have even been banned from England in by Edward I , and also in from France by Philippe IV and these are only 3 examples.

In fact, Jews have been banned in a wide range of countries since B. C until where they have recently been banned from Guatemala, which leads to about years of constant persecution and bans from countries they migrated to. Here is what I believe created so much disgust and resentment towards the Jews from Christian nations. As in our languages Christians take their name from Christ, so in the language of the Talmud Christians are called Notsrim, from Jesus the Nazarene.

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I would like to make it clear, that I am talking of the Jew mentality and train of thought as a whole, but I am not saying that every single Jew is evil or has nothing to offer to the societies they move to. Of course, there are some amazing, admirable and loveable individuals who completely assimilate, and even give up their Jewish identity and convert to Christianity, or become atheists.

2. Quelque chose va changer en vous

There are of course, some decent people of Jewish heritage who become fully citizens of their new societies, speak for the natives and see themselves as part of the nation, and this can be seen in France, where some have become more French that the natives and have embedded themselves in the heart of the nation. However, this concerns a very tiny minority of Jews who after doing so, often see foreign Jews as inadequate for France because they see themselves as part of the French people and understand the religious identity of the country being Christianity. However, the majority of Jews do not follow the example of the noble ones who assimilate, instead they remain distinct and work for their Jew comrades and organisations while embracing their values and beliefs of circumcision and superiority.

The fact that all foreign organisms need to grasp is that to be part of the Western European civilisation, means accepting the fact that Christianity is part of the founding culture, and while many people are not religious, it cannot be ignored that the whole history, inheritance and literature were founded by Christian men and women with some not being religious but who were undeniably directly and indirectly influenced by Christian thoughts and inheritance and this can be reflected in the large amount of allegory and metaphors related to the bible in the literature.

It is also an immense coincidence that right at the same period when I am answering your questions that the Notre Dame cathedral has been mysteriously struck by a fire on the 15th of April , some may see it as a sign of the foundations of a civilisation burning — and coicidences with my life are today not suprising anymore to me. When hasard multiplies coincidences, it is not hasard anymore. Jews should reflect on this: the fact that Western Europe is a Christian civilisation, just like Israel is a Jewish society and the Arab states are a Muslim civilisation, with the governments of the latter two countries taking religion as a serious matter of culture without ever compromising on religious priorities and necessities over any other foreign religion.

Indeed, in many Arab states, the crucifix as a symbol of Christianity is banned and illegal, and they make no excuses for it, because they are firm Muslims and this is embedded in the fabric of their government and culture.

12 détails de la vie quotidienne aux Etats-Unis | Le blog de Mathilde

To further this example, it is also ridiculous that the Grand Cross of the National Order of the Legion of Honour which is the highest French order of merit for military and civil merits, established in by Napoleon Bonaparte, was given to the Sultan of Brunei in , a man who recently instated a new penal code that applies the sharia — Islamic law — as strictly as possible: death by stoning to punish homosexuals and adultery, amputation of a hand or foot for thieves, death penalty for insulting the prophet.

Being Jewish or Muslim will always portray oneself as a person with foreign values derived from the history and values of those religions that are for the most incompatible with those of Western European civilisation. When people who have the ability to assimilate choose to do so, they should first find their place in the new society based on their choices, skills, abilities and field.

Tremendous efforts and proofs of assimilation will be required of them and this normally starts with a Western name of Christian culture. People who do not assimilate fully, rebuild and reshape themselves and adopt a completely new identity should always remember that they are not at home and should not expect the same treatment as those who are — this is a simple question of common sense. Those who assimilate properly will automatically become part of the native people and share an existence with similar opportunities, because they have become natives through their efforts and decision to be loyal and dedicated to their new society and its people, by respecting the founding heritage and religious sensibilities, and of course by mastering the behavioural and communicative patterns.

This does not mean that after assimilating, they have to be subservient and cannot make a critical observation to help develop the country and push it forward, but their allegiance should be to the nation and the native people because they should consider themselves as part of that people.

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The objective after all is to create loyal citizens with a strong sense of concern for the society, not slaves! So as the Organic Theory explains, another factor is more fundamental than physical fitness for assimilation as we can see using Jews as an example to explain that similarity in skin tone is hardly anything except a tiny factor that helps with the majority who rarely think. The most important and defining part of assimilation concerns handling the appropriate behavioural and communicative patterns of the society that the organism wants to fully be a part of.

France, where the people are willing to love you and see you as their own blood if you show the genuine desire to be part of the people and loyalty to the nation. In fact, France is the least atavistic and most sophisticated civilisation of the modern world, and to achieve such a glorious task without a monarchy is amazing — it shows that when people see themselves as one and treat each other with respect while having a sense of moral and dignity, they embody an empire together, without or with an emperor — the head with a crown being simply an option if needed and deemed ingenious enough to guide a conquering civilisation, but not a necessity!

Of course, just like any society on earth, we do find some bad apples, and corrupt and immoral statesmen along with petty arguments, especially among the minor classes, but as a whole, it is a society that was built on values and philosophies devised to foster the development of human beings where any individual can rise to the very top through his or her own desire, efforts and dedication.

Which means that we eventually saw a financially challenged boy who was the top of his class in primary school who then failed to kickstart his artistic career after failing an exam to one of the finest art school in Western Europe, the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and then through his own efforts after being homeless and struggling through the war, rise to the very top.

This to me shows absolute social mobility, but also how a man can be an artist, a soldier, and a cultivated man through his own efforts to then lead a modern civilisation and rise to the very top. The second amazingly inspiring side to the story of Hitler is how he gave the world an avant-garde example of the answer to a harmonious environment; by being a vegetarian who was the first to initiate animal protection laws.

The third admirable side to Hitler was his charisma and his loyalty to his society, but also his modesty and confidence with people of all walks of life, being the only public figure of his level to freely walk around his country and meet the crowd from all walks of life and classes without any protection, while also gaining their absolute trust to guide them. The fourth side to Adolf Hitler was that he had style in his taste in architecture for his country as we can today find through the blueprints he devised along with Albert Speer. We can imagine what would have been the future Germany and Berlin.

These plans reveal buildings and plans of a city that reflected the grandeur of mankind and even the uniforms of his staff were contracted to Hugo Boss — showing a man who revered perfection. And if we take a look at the uniforms and the suits of the National Socialist government, we may have to accept that they were some of the sharpest and best-looking suits ever seen throughout modern history, perhaps only matched by French couturiers such as Yves Saint Laurent. The fifth amazing side with Hitler was his love for science and evolution and his passion to keep an updated perspective of all the latest discoveries.

So, it would be fairly biased to assume Hitler to be a rigid man who had no taste for change. This also adds to my view that Hitler would have been willing to listen to new discoveries and shift his opinions accordingly if advised and convinced by genuine, avant-garde and honest people — he should have consulted me. But of course, the close entourage of the Fuhrer was not particularly composed of the most ethical of minds or the most sophisticated where many turned out to be disloyal and evil, which likely led to the horrors of the regime without any link to Hitler himself.

The sixth admirable thing about Hitler, is the fact that he was a leader who really saw people as organisms requiring the similar chances to succeed and rise and not as a crowd to be divided into segments of left, right and centre. Hitler saw all his citizens as people of his system and worked to synchronise the whole society to work as one machine.

This is certainly admirable in comparison to the corrupt and immoral people at the head of most systems today where the criteria used to govern human beings are economic and business factors. To run a civilisation of human beings without values, philosophy and morals is a sure way to fail in the long run because human beings are not objects or goods, but are complex organisms that require a very sensible system to live harmoniously, and any person who calls himself a leader and does not understand psychology, philosophy and the elements that lead to a modern harmonious human environment are fooling themselves and lying to society.

It is also to be remembered how Hitler even proposed to dismantle the German military and destroy all weapons if all other countries did the same, which they never responded to. So, we now understand why Hitler was even paraded as person of the year by Time magazine, and it could not possibly be for turning Jews into minced meat. And the other enigmatic question is why so much today is being spent on defence and military when it is clear that we are a lonely civilisation on a lonely planet that should be looking to extend its reach by starting a new civilisation on a backup planet to gain the status of a space civilisation?

Do these parties spending so much on military equipment and technology only have defence and nothing else in the back of their perhaps unconscious minds? Is it simply for decoration? The seventh inspiring thing about Hitler is that he was not a native German, but just like me, fully assimilated in German society and to also win the heart of a whole nation and rise to the very top and eventually become more Germans that the Germans themselves, is something quite spectacular.

In his early years in Germany as he struggled financially and was homeless, he was also told by some Germans that he looked like a Jew and that they thought he was one, to then overcome all this to rise to the top is quite frankly admirable. The eighth inspiring side to Hitler was his unique ability to open his heart completely to the nation and deliver shattering speeches that hypnotised the crowds, with his passionate body language that portrayed his honesty and dedication to the Germans by placing them before his own comfort.


The ninth, and final point that I believe is inspiring with Hitler is that he did not seem to have seen things from the perspective of the regular average exec, economist, banker, doctor or other financially motivated executive who tend to claw their way in a political party just to appear on television or newspaper without any presence, greater vision or strong values and see a civilisation as a store to manage. Hitler had a deeper view like legendary emperors had, and wanted to guide a nation with philosophy, inspiring architecture, timeless artworks and wanted to blend and synchronise all the departments ranging from business, economy, education, science, research, history and arts to create the kind of timeless civilisation as it is often depicted in mythological literature that stands the test of time in marble and stone.

Most importantly, Hitler seemed to be of the opinion that if a civilisation is not expanding then it is not progressing and this reflected the qualities of a conqueror, reminiscing of those like Alexander the great or Napoleon. Nowadays, pathetic and mediocre execs who lead a team that they call a political party are guided by the sole desire to stay in power, and because of their allegiance to donors to their parties, they need to abide and meet some demands to remain funded, this destroys a civilisation because it is not being managed with the freedom and the values that it requires, and hence, this leads to a mundane atmosphere of a static and boring society where the same kind of men act and speak in a noble way public, but behave like ignoble and immoral characters in their decision and management — this has been a depressing and repetitive cycle for decades now without any legendary character appearing to stand against such absurdity and turn matters around.

Today, with so many conventions, it is hardly possible for any great empire to take matters into their own hands and consider expansion and conquest because of hypocritical beliefs of absolute equality of all societies and languages along with third world policies that have trapped great empires of the West such as France into submission and onto its knees to comply with irrational, ridiculous and hypocritical demands that bound it to comply with conventions and gradually has today transformed it and many other empires into nurseries paralyzed by the demands of inferior societies, when it has all the resources to turn the whole world into its colonies and manage it better while giving all the people on Earth the dream of being part of its heritage, like great empires once did.

Finally, I would like to point out that if nobody speaks, nothing changes… so I chose to speak, what did you choose to do? I believe that humanity has not had leaders of this calibre since.