Manual Puddles: The Incontinent Dog

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  1. Help with 'puddle problems' Urinary Incontinence | Greenpet
  2. Puddles : The Incontinent Dog
  3. Causes Of Incontinence In Dogs

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine provide good alternative solutions for urinary incontinence without those side effects.

Help with 'puddle problems' Urinary Incontinence | Greenpet

Traditional Chinese Medicine understands disease in terms of patterns of energy flow. There are several different energetic patterns underlying the weakness that results in incontinence. A holistic veterinarian will need to examine your dog, feel the pulses, and study her medical history to know which herbs to use. Have you ever found a wet spot on the couch, carpet or bed where your pet was sleeping? Urinary incontinence in dogs and cats is more common than you might realize, but there are reasons why a pet is leaking. Urinary incontinence is when your pet leaks urine involuntary, which most often happens while they are sleeping.

It could be a small wet spot or a large puddle.

Puddles : The Incontinent Dog

Your pet may even leak while playing, when jumping up on the couch or when walking around the house. Your pet may be able to control their bladder when awake, but not while asleep or in a relaxed state.

Female Troubles

A pet experiencing incontinence will have damp, smelly hair between their hind legs or on their lower abdominal area. The skin might be red and irritated. Urine leaking may be a symptom of a disease process or the consequence of aging. There are a number of reasons that older dogs may not have full control of their bladders.

The Truth about Canine Urinary Incontinence

For instance, the muscles that hold in urine may be weak, or the dog may have developed a disease that affects the bladder or urinary tract. In some dogs, congenital abnormalities may not reveal themselves until they grow older. One of the more common reasons for urinary incontinence occurs in older female dogs, often in medium and large breeds.

It may be a function of both age and an underlying health condition that requires veterinary attention. In females, the urethra and vagina open in a common area called the vestibule. This area opens to the exterior, called the vulva.

Causes Of Incontinence In Dogs

As the dog ages, her muscles and bladder sphincter aren't as toned as they once were and urine may leak a bit into the common vestibule area. As the dog gets up or lies down, a small amount of urine may be released. This urine can lead to localized infections or ascend into the bladder, causing a urinary tract infection which can exacerbate the symptoms further. In spayed females, this may also be caused by a lack of the hormone estrogen.

A lack of testosterone may cause this in males as well. In addition to the loss of muscle tone in the urogenital system, diseases such as diabetes or kidney disease often lead to increased thirst and urination. This exacerbates urine pooling and the potential for a urinary tract infection. Bladder infections, tumors, stones, and cancer may cause incontinence in male as well as female dogs by causing a sudden, uncontrollable urge to urinate.

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In some cases, urinary problems may even lead to a diagnosis of spinal cord disease as the nerve impulses to the bladder can be affected.